Screen Captures

Attendance Counts - Dashboard View

The Dashboard

Each user can build his or her own Dashboard page from among sixteen customizable panels. Essential data bubbles up to the dashboard so that you can spot trends and monitor irregularities before they become problems.

Attendance Counts - Department View

The Department View

Like the Dashboard page, the Department View is comprised of panels, providing department-specific information for a supervisor or admin user. The charts and tables are “live” and interactive – click on a date in the calendar, for example, and you’ll get a list of all of the timecard exceptions that happened on that day.

Attendance Counts - Employee Detail View

The Employee View

The Employee Profile page provides a comprehensive look at any employee. From here you can view and edit attendance data; check FMLA usage and eligibility; initiate progressive disciplinary action for non-attendance infractions (such as safety or conduct violations); check schedules; attach documents; print and email reports and letters, and much more.

Attendance Counts - Alerts Page

The Alerts Page

The Alerts page is a “to do” list of employees that require your attention. When an employee hits enough points to trigger a disciplinary step, that employee is automatically added to this list, and a corresponding violation notice is created. The notice can be printed or emailed right from this page. And, after the paperwork is complete, you can Sign Off to close the item, and it will drop off your “to do” list.

Attendance Counts - Emailed Alerts

Daily Email Summary

There is no way you can forget that you have items on your to do list, because you’ll get an email message every morning summarizing your open alerts. You can even log in to Attendance Counts directly from the email by clicking on an employee name or on the View Alerts link at the bottom of the message.