With AttendanceCounts, you’ll never miss another disciplinary notice.

That’s because AttendanceCounts alerts you as soon as disciplinary action is required.
It also prints those notices for you — automatically.

Workstation showing Essential Time Software
report generated by Attendance Counts software

Can your spreadsheet do this?

The one-click violation notices in Attendance Counts are simple and elegant. They are also customizable, so you can change the wording and the logo.

And since they include an employee’s attendance history right in the letter, there will be no questions about where the points came from.

FMLA getting you down?

Don’t risk noncompliance with state and federal FMLA laws.

With Attendance Counts, you can view FMLA usage and eligibility data, setup workflow items to track ongoing cases, print official D.O.L. forms, and upload supporting documentation.

Real-time alerts (on-screen and by email) keep you in the loop, so you’ll never miss an important FMLA event.

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Our Solutions

All versions of Attendance Counts are fully-integrated with ADP’s Workforce Now® timekeeping software. There are no buttons to push or imports to initiate. Data flows seamlessly from the ADP timecard to Attendance Counts®.

And yes, we support ADP’s “Single Sign-On” protocol. That means if you are logged in to ADP, you are automatically logged in to Attendance Counts®. That’s one fewer passwords you’ll need to remember.

Attendance Counts for
ADP Essential Time

This version of Attendance Counts is designed for Workforce Now® – Essential Time.

Attendance Counts is designed for Workforce Now® – Essential Time.

Includes FMLA Tracking 

Attendance Counts for
ADP Enhanced Time

This version of Attendance Counts is designed for Workforce Now® – Enhanced Time.

Attendance Counts for ADP Enhanced Time

Includes FMLA Tracking 

What people are saying

“As an ADP District Manager, I bring in Metropolitan Software the minute I hear an Essential Time prospect mention an attendance policy. Nobody else can compete in that space on price, quality or reliability – it’s a no brainer.”

Tammy Kelly, ADP MADM, Fort Wayne

“ADP chooses its business partners carefully, and Metropolitan Software continues to be an important strategic partner to ADP in the time and labor space.”

ADP Senior Product Manager

“Attendance Counts is a joy to use, but the real magic is in the service. Over the past ten years, our policy has changed and evolved with our growth. The Metsoft team is so attentive and responsive that most of our questions and requests are resolved in a single call.  Thank you for your product which truly makes my work easier!”

Jennifer Linville, Payroll Supervisor, Campbell Hausfeld, Metsoft client since 2006

“Attendance Counts has been transformative to our organization. We used to spend hours each week figuring out who needed discipline and juggling paper forms. Now when I log into Attendance Counts, I am prompted to print violation notices right from my Alerts screen. It keeps track for me of what I’ve printed and where each employee is in the disciplinary process”

Lisa Heim, Payroll Manager, RJW Transport, Metsoft client since 2017

I have not lost an unemployment claim due to attendance in over ten years and I attribute that directly to Attendance Counts. Our attendance policy is outlined on the violation notices that get signed by both the employee and the manager. Those notices also include a full history of attendance infractions, prior disciplinary action and dates. Attaching these documents to the Protest Form leaves nothing to the imagination – it’s a slam dunk every time.

Lori Whitehead,, President Whimet Inc., Metsoft client since 2013