Automate your attendance policy

With AttendanceCounts, you’ll never miss another disciplinary notice. That’s because AttendanceCounts
alerts you as soon as disciplinary action is required.
It also prints those notices for you — automatically.

And that’s just the beginning. AttendanceCounts can automate your entire attendance policy, from calculating point totals to recognizing outstanding attendance.
It can even print point balances onto ADP paystubs.
No more manual entry. No more cumbersome spreadsheets.

And no more guesswork. You’ll know once and for all that attendance policies are being administered fairly and accurately, without human error and without supervisory favoritism.

Manage your FMLA policy

Don't risk noncompliance with state and federal FMLA regulations. AttendanceCounts tracks all types of leave, including intermittent and partial day FMLA, and it gives you
the ability to quickly and accurately determine an employee's eligibility based on your company policies. Most importantly,
the software will alert you automatically when employees approach twelve weeks of FMLA, so you don't have to worry
that an employee will exceed their federally mandated annual allowance without you knowing about it ahead of time.

Track plant rule violations

Does your company have a safety policy? How about guidelines for conduct or quality? AttendanceCounts lets
you define and record an assortment of non-attendance violations, allowing you to manage your entire plant rule policy.

Once entered, these plant rule violations are tracked alongside attendance violations. You could even combine the two types of violations to trigger additional disciplines.

Analyze your data

Have you ever wondered how absenteeism varied among different shifts or departments in your enterprise? Or over different calendar years? Is absenteeism higher on Mondays than during the rest of the week? What if you could measure the effects of a recent policy change on attendance rates, or identify which incident types caused the most infractions?

AttendanceCounts goes beyond simply automating your policy. It gives you the ability to drill down and analyze your data. With AttendanceCounts, you can identify attendance trends across departments and over time. You can see how much absenteeism is costing your company. You can even compare your company's absenteeism rates with an industry average. Armed with this information, you can make more informed staffing decisions, focus on particular departments that are under-performing, and fine-tune your attendance policy to maximize productivity.

Be prepared in unemployment hearings

Next time you find yourself in an unemployment hearing or
a wrongful termination suit, rest assured that you'll have all
the documentation you need to support your case, including
a complete history of attendance violations, notification,
and sign-off. That's because AttendanceCounts maintains an audit trail documenting every step of the disciplinary process, and retains that data forever – even for terminated employees.

How it works

AttendanceCounts works by capturing punch data from ezLaborManager and applying your policy rules to that data. Your rules dictate when and how you should be alerted to policy violations.

You might have a rule, for example, which notifies you when employees reach six points in a twelve-month period. Another rule might reward employees achieving three months of perfect attendance by dropping a point from their record.

You’re in good hands

Metropolitan Software has been an ADP business partner for more than ten years. Our solutions are exclusive to ADP. Our engineers work closely with ADP product management and development organizations to ensure 100% forward and backwards compatibility. We have the highest standards of quality and among the highest customer satisfaction and product retention rates in the industry. You’re in good hands
with ADP and Metropolitan Software.

"Attendance Counts is the ideal companion to ezLaborManager for clients in need of a comprehensive attendance tracking solution. It's simple, reliable and cost-effective."

–Senior Director, ezLaborManager Product Manager, ADP

Absenteeism  -  The silent drain on your bottom line

Absenteeism in your workplace is a silent but steady drain on your bottom line. Unnecessary absenteeism leads to unplanned overtime, reduced productivity, and work stoppages. Short, unplanned absences have been shown to be more disruptive than longer absences. A recent study put the costs of absenteeism to a typical organization at $650 per year per employee. Another study found that absenteeism accounts for more than 4% of the budget of a typical American corporation.

While the direct costs of absenteeism are well documented, the indirect costs of absenteeism – such as employee morale – are no less significant. According to the 2007 CCH Absenteeism Survey, organizations reporting low morale had 35% higher absenteeism than organizations with high morale.

A sensible attendance policy which provides fair and meaningful incentives for your associates to be at work on time is an efficient way to reduce absenteeism while increasing employee morale. Higher morale means a more productive workforce and higher quality work.

Attendance Counts reduces labor costs by reducing absenteeism and the drain it has on your bottom line.
It reduces administration costs, improves accuracy and eliminates human error through automation.
And it gives you piece of mind knowing that disciplinary actions are being applied consistently across your organization, and that you have a permanent record of every infraction, notification, and sign-off.

"As an ADP District Manager, I bring in Metropolitan Software the minute I hear an ezLaborManager prospect mention an attendance policy. Nobody else can compete in that space on price, quality or reliability – it’s a no brainer."

–Tammy Kelly, ADP MADM, Fort Wayne

"From my perspective, the people at Metropolitan Software are a key part of the equation. They understand what companies are struggling with, and have offered excellent advice along the way on clients' policies."

–Jennifer Rush, ADP MADM, Grand Rapids