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Metropolitan Software is an ADP business partner and leading provider of workforce management software to the manufacturing sector and other labor-intensive industries. Our solutions help companies maintain a productive, competitive workforce by giving them the tools necessary to evaluate and address unplanned absenteeism in their organizations. We have been helping companies make the most of their time since 1993.

Absenteeism in the workplace costs American companies billions of dollars per year. But not all absenteeism is equal. The first step to reducing absenteeism and its negative affect on productivity and employee morale is to understand the composition of absenteeism at your particular organization.

Attendance Counts® helps do this by providing the tools you need to evaluate trends in absenteeism across departments and over time. Is your absenteeism caused by a few underperforming employees or is it a problem across the board? Do you have Monday/Friday absence problems? What about missed-punch abuse? Are employees gaming the system in other ways?

The 2007 CHC Report on Absenteeism concludes that Absence Control policies can be effective at reducing unplanned absenteeism. Disciplinary Action was the second most effective method of controlling absenteeism. (The first was the use of PTO, rather than allocating separate days for Sick, Vacation, and Personal Time.)

But with a formal attendance policy comes increased vulnerability to labor laws. Applying policy rules consistently across your organization, without human error or supervisory favoritism is critical in winning unemployment suits. Current labor laws, including the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), make fair and consistent treatment of time off more important than ever. Employers must be careful to adopt and administer a policy which is not only fair and effective, but legally defensible.

Attendance Counts® simplifies the process by incorporating all of these functions into a single solution. It automates your no-fault attendance policy; contains a comprehensive reporting engine letting you analyze absenteeism trends; ensures compliance with FMLA legislation; and protects you from unfair labor lawsuits by recording and retaining a complete record of every infraction, notification, and sign-off.

Metropolitan Software is committed to customer service, and has achieved customer satisfaction rates that are among the highest in the industry. Along with each copy of Attendance Counts® comes a world-class support organization. For a free consultation on your attendance practices or a demonstration of the Attendance Counts software, please call 800-652-1329.

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"ADP chooses its business partners carefully, and Metropolitan Software continues to be an important strategic partner to ADP in the time and
labor space."

–ADP Senior Product Manager